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Corporate Benefits

The first thing I do when I get in a car is buckle my seatbelt. When I was growing up the safety features in cars wasn’t what it is today. But maybe it didn’t need to be; our parents drove big, all metal cars equivalent to today’s Hummer. Our parents placed us in car cribs! And those rear wheel drive Chevy’s and Buick’s and Ford’s got us through the winter months just fine. Seatbelts? Heck no.

Today I drive an SUV that can safely get me though the heavy rain and snow days. I guess I prefer to play it safe and minimize risks. I exercise to keep my health in check, floss my teeth and see my dentist twice a year, eat well, get a good seven hours of sleep (ok, I do TRY to get 7 hours) and use my seatbelt. 

I also buy insurance. My family has life and disability insurance to protect us from the unexpected. My family is secure with quality dental and health insurance so we can see our doctor and dentists of choice and go to our local hospital without fear of losing our home to skyrocketing health care costs. It makes me feel safe.

If your business is searching for Corporate Benefit advice for your valued employees, Matson Financial Advisors, Inc. has the caring knowledge and experience to work with you. Together, we will find the right insurance benefit program for your company. As the decision makers in your business, you understand that personal attention and trust is at the core of meaningful relationships. Understanding what your company needs and helping you navigate this road littered with unexpected pot-holes and detours is what we do well (while wearing our seatbelt!). You will appreciate our personal attention and diligence in earning your trust over time.

Aside from providing independent financial planning advice, Matson Financial Advisors is a recognized leader in the community offering group benefit solutions. We assist firms with developing a comprehensive strategy that can include:

  • Group Health
  • Dental
  • Long-term Disability
  • Short-term Disability
  • Life
  • AD&D Long-term Care Insurance, Section 125-Flex Spending
  • Retirement Plans (401k, Simple-IRA, Profit-sharing, Etc.)

As an independent firm, we review the needs of your company, do our research based on those needs and make detailed recommendations that will offer the best long term value. Our firm's relationship with insurance carriers enhances our ability to bring you competitive premiums and prompt, local service. Unlike a consultant, we do not charge a fee to your company to utilize our knowledge and experience in designing a benefit package to meet your needs. We also want to keep you informed of legislative changes that might mandate adjustments to your benefit policies/procedures. See link below for important CT legislative updates from CBIA.

Retirement Plans

Employees of every size company are interested in planning for retirement. From recommending the appropriate qualified plan (401k, Profit Sharing, Simple-IRA, 403b, etc), assisting in plan design, reviewing investment options, Matson Financial Advisors is your resource for every step in the process. There are several excellent qualified retirement plan options available. Many small employers are recognizing the advantages offered by new "safe-harbor," "comparability" and "super comparability" 401(k)retirement plans. We suggest you contact us for a detailed analysis of the different plan designs available. You can also check out the following web sites for more information:


Click below for Connecticut Business news and legislation that might affect benefits for your employees: State of Connecticut Government Issues

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