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Financial Planning

I was in first grade when I learned to read. Ms. Haight arranged us in reading groups according to our abilities and I was excited to sit with the “readers” versus the “not quite readers.” We would sit on round plastic turquoise stools that were attached to heavy round folding tables. We sat and took turns reading short sentences out loud. I was excited to learn about the adventures of Dick and Jane. Eventually we progressed to ‘silent reading.’ Yes, I could understand the words on the page without even having to say them out loud!

As I progressed through school I found that being a good reader was very helpful in absorbing important details in history, economics, psychology and science. Reading opened doors to new worlds and new ideas. I became aware of the world around me, including the possibilities and the limitations.

But before I sounded out my first Dick and Jane Reader, Harry Potter novel, Whitman poem or Steely Dan lyric, I had to learn my alphabet. Mrs. Thayer, my kindergarten teacher at King Street School, taught me that letters have meaning; each letter representing its own unique sound. I learned about vowels and consonants; lower case and upper case. She taught me the basics of the language so I could learn how to arrange letters into words. I proudly put words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs. This phenomenon of organizing words was becoming clearer. Eventually I was sharing my thoughts, fears and ideas (even using punctuation!) and writing whole pages.

Financial planning is just like learning your letters in Mrs. Thayer’s class. A written financial plan is the foundation of your financial novel. Novels are not written without letters. There are many different genres and styles and means to create your story, but it must have a solid beginning and engaging story line. It is rare for clients to enjoy financial security without first creating a written financial road map.

If you want to take a snapshot of where you are today, clarify and prioritize the goals you want to reach and would appreciate professional guidance on how to get there, Matson Financial Advisors, Inc. can help. We can’t promise you will become an avid reader or writer, but we can explore with you the honest limitations and possibilities of your financial future. We will help you define your financial legacy.