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Firm Philosophy

Matson Financial Advisors is a caring team of service professionals dedicated to meeting the financial goals of our individual and corporate clients. We offer individual attention and tailor our advice to the unique circumstances of every client. Our licensed and experienced staff offers excellent client service.  As intent listeners, we ask probing questions and decipher your true needs so we can determine if our firm will be a good long-term fit in hand-holding you and your family through your financial journey. 

Just as learning to read starts with knowledge of the sounds from each letter of the alphabet, our journey with a client begins with the foundation of mutual trust, respect and willingness to have honest dialogue. And we want to work with clients that choose to be engaged in their financial success. Our Preference is not to do things for you but with you. Like the conductor of the orchestra, we do not step in to play the notes for you but rather demonstrate how to improve the sound so it sings boldly the way you envision.

Our firm believes that technology will not and cannot replace the role of a trusted investment and insurance advisor, but that it can enhance that relationship. Technology will continue to play a vital role in enhancing the communication link with our clients. Our website is designed to facilitate this exchange of ideas and fostering ongoing dialogue.

We are grateful and appreciate that new clients come to us exclusively through referrals from existing clients and respected local professionals. Since 1985, we have proven our success in forging long-term, trusting client relationships that form the core of our business.

Caring, Independent, Investment and Insurance Advice