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Wealth Management

I have little musical talent. Actually, little is even an exaggeration. When I was in fourth grade I attempted to master the trumpet. After failing time and again to nail down the proper timing to play my notes the conductor of our elementary school band kindly suggested I spend more time in the gym or classroom where I might have a more positive influence on my peers.

But not having a talent does not diminish my appreciation of a well-rehearsed orchestra being led by a charismatic conductor interpreting the movements of a renowned composer. It can be a powerful, moving experience when a familiar Haydn, Bach or Bernstein masterpiece is enthusiastically interpreted through the confident baton waving of the conductor who appears to pluck each note one-by-one from every instrument in the orchestra. Just as the composer painstakingly intended - the strings, the horns, the percussion, the brass – each section an impressive instrument in the conductor’s tool belt.

Wealth Management is the marriage of courageous composer, caring conductor and properly tuned orchestra seeking financial harmony. The composer is you, our client. Your unique personal situation establishes the vision, sets the melody and writes the lyric. As the professional conductor, Matson Financial Advisors, Inc. has the experience to properly arrange the full array of financial and estate planning tools to make your original composition come to life. We use all the tools at our disposal, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to create diversified portfolios that complement employer sponsored retirement plans. We enhance the score with insurance, cash flow analysis, favorable tax strategies and thoughtful estate planning to ensure a secure retirement to round out the movement. We introduce the expert legal and tax professionals when extra bravado is required. In the end, we expect this fine-tuned arrangement we create together to be shared and enjoyed for generations. 

If you are prepared to share your vision and personal goals, Matson Financial Advisors, Inc. will confidently work beside you in the Wealth Management process to create a masterpiece that is uniquely yours. We look forward to collaborating the melodies, rhythms and dynamics to help define and live out your financial legacy.